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Explore 3D metal printing

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The Marine Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence (MAMCE) at the University of New Brunswick and Envision Saint John: The Regional Growth Agency, with funding from ACOA, want to work with companies throughout Atlantic Canada to develop prototypes for innovative new products, techniques and designs using additive manufacturing technology. 

By providing companies with up to $25,000 in seed funding, MAMCE and Envision Saint John will work with companies to develop proof-of-concept projects to demonstrate the value of additive manufacturing and build a roadmap for production and commercialization.

Saint John is developing an Innovation District with a zone focused on Additive Manufacturing and Material Innovation.  Saint John wants to build an Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence through applied research, industry engagement, and experiential learning. The AM Innovation Challenge will drive new IP development and commercialization in this innovation zone.

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Accelerate your path to Additive Manufacturing Innovation in 12 Months

  1. Access technical expertise and disruptive technology to address pain points in your business

  2. Build a business case for additive manufacturing within your company

  3. Build a roadmap for solution development and commercialization


Additive Manufacturing is a disruptive technology that will revolutionize how we think about design, production, and distribution.

Major industry players are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in innovative technologies that will place them among the leading industries of tomorrow. We cannot be left behind.

The decreasing prices of additive manufacturing-based machines, coupled with growing expertise and awareness, have increased the availability and demand for this technology.


  • Do you have long lead times for parts?

  • Do you have obsolete parts that are expensive to replace?

  • Do you have complex assemblies with several fail points?

  • Are you required to keep an inventory of emergency spare parts?

  • Would your systems benefit from moving to more advanced alloys?

  • Is your current manufacturing process limiting your product development?


If you have said “yes” to any of these questions we want to hear from you. The AM Innovation Challenge can help you explore a solution and build a business case to address these challenges.

Companies in manufacturing and fabrication, food and beverage production, energy, medical devices, and transportation sectors are most likely to have pain points that can be addressed with additive manufacturing.



Corrosion resistance

is critical

Fluid flow control

such as pumps and valves are used

High-temperature performance

can be improved by conformal cooling

Legacy equipment

where spare parts are difficult to source

Systems with significant journey

that can be consolidated into a single part



“Our business is in the food production industry, and one of our major costs is regular wear and tear of our processing tooling. We replace damaged parts regularly and depend on a lean supply chain to keep our costs down. We were introduced to additive manufacturing and decided to try using a replacement part produced using an additively manufactured stainless steel tool. Not only have our costs dropped significantly due to the improved performance, but we now own the design IP for our tooling and don’t depend on a supplier that also works with our competitors. We are even able to innovate with new tooling designs at a fraction of the cost and are gaining market share. Our tooling has always been thought of as just the cost of doing business, but now it is our innovation driver.”

“Our production facility has several pieces of legacy equipment where the OEM has either gone out of business or was bought out by another company and no longer produce replacements or spare parts that we need. We were faced with either purchasing expensive replacement parts with minimum orders and long lead times for delivery, or spending millions of dollars retooling our production to support new equipment.


We were introduced to additive manufacturing, and had no idea that our metal parts could be 3D printed and have equal, or in our case, better performance than the original part. After working with an additive manufacturing supplier, we now have replacement parts to keep our legacy equipment in service, our lead times have been cut in half, and we have even reduced the down-time of our equipment due to improved reliability of the spare parts. What used to be a burden, is now one of our most valuable assets, all because of additive manufacturing.”




Projects will be evaluated by a 3rd party review committee based on demonstrated need, potential for economic impact, and likelihood for success. There must be an applied research component to developing the solution.


Up to six companies will be selected to participate in the AM Challenge.

The AM Challenge will cover 75% of the cost of the project up to a maximum contribution of $25,000. Participating companies will pay 25% of the cost of a $33,500 project.



If you have questions about the application, please contact Mojtaba Shakerian, Marine Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence.

Phone: 506-261-3764

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